About Me


Fashion and Lifestyle Blog by Barkha Vyas

When I started blogging it was a great creative outlet for me. I could experiment with my looks, go crazy with my hair color and express my thoughts in form of words. 
I write about fashion, lifestyle and travel because these are the things that excite me the most. 
I am a dentist by day and fashionista by night. Being a dentist I leaned how to focus and calm while working. Introducing these qualities in my blogging profession has helped me a lot. 
I am really grateful that my work is being acknowledged and I am grateful for the recognition I've received as being voted Bangalore's best fashion blogger by BnB mag in 2019. I have been featured in a lot of fashion and blogging magazines including cosmopolitan India. 
I am very glad to share my passion and content with you.

Loads of love <3

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