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GloBox July,2016 review

Hello everyone, I just received July, 2016 GloBox in my mail today and here Iam with its review. By the time I had posted June GloBox review it was almost the end of the month, therefore this time I didn’t want to cause any delay. So here it goes.

About GloBox India:- GloBox is a beauty subscription service which provides monthly boxes full of beauty and makeup products. It was launched in India in June, 2016.

How GloBox works:- You can order your own GloBox from http://www.globox.in All you have to do is log on to their website, choose your subscription pack and then fill out your skin profile. The expert chooses the products according to the profile filled by you!!

Plans and price:- There are various plans available: Monthly – INR 799 3 months– INR 2,247 6 months– INR 4,194 Yearly– INR 7,188

GloBox July,2016:- Packaging: The box itself is a plain brown cardboard box from the outside. Inside it is of a baby pink color with GloBox printed all over it in white. The products are nicely packed in bubble wrap to prevent any damage.

Notes from the expert: Like the june box this month’s box also contains a handwritten note from their beauty expert explaining why she chose those particular products for you.

Products in my GloBox : This month I received the following products in my GloBox : 1) Khadi Body wash (210ml) – ₹220 2) Aryanveda Pollutend face wash (60ml)- ₹149 3) Attitude Ruby Touch lipstick(4.5g) – ₹389 4) Bio Bloom Under Eye Gel (1.5g)- ₹259 5) Oriflame Veryme Soft n Glam eyeshadow (1.9g)- ₹349 6) Attitude sun screen cream (10g) Complimentary gift- ₹50

Total Value of the box:

My views on this month’s box:- I have to say I’m impressed by how closely the beauty expert reads the beauty profile. All the products that I received are in accordance to my skin type and needs. The box continues to send only full size products which is a thumbs up. GloBox also introduced me to some new brands like Aryanveda and Bio Bloom that I had never heard of or tried. I have been loving Aryanveda products ever since I tried them. They smell amazing and are extremely good on my skin. I loved my July,2016 GloBox and now I can hardly wait for the August one!!

Hope you found my review helpful. If so , don’t forget to follow my blog and leave a comment telling me about your favourite beauty subscription service.

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See ya lovely people soon with another exciting blog post soon. Till then, stay healthy and happy



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