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My comfotable stay at oyo rooms

Hello everyone,

I know I have been busy with my move to Bangalore and haven’t been able to write for a while but I am back now with a promise to be more regular with my blog posts.

Just before I was leaving for Bangalore, my house in Gurgaon was a mess. Because of all the packing and organising it looked more a dumping yard and less like a home. All that mess was starting to cause chaos in my life and my anxiety levels were through the roof.

Mohit saw my condition and suggested we take a break from all this move to an OYO Townhouse for a few days. He was pushing me on this idea as I could stay in Gurgaon itself, keeping an eye on the progress of work and yet live in a clean and comfortable environment. Listening to him ( which I rarely do😝) we checked in the OYO townhouse 020 which is very near to the HUDA city metro station.


The property was located in a quite setting even after being near the metro station. The surroundings were so peaceful. They had an outdoor sitting area where you could enjoy your evening tea, a super cute dinning area, a conference room(if you wish to do some important work), a swing, and few bicycles for rent.


We checked into our room which was clean and spacious. The balcony had also been cleaned really well. The bathrooms had a continuous hot and cold water supply. As soon as I sat down in the room, I looked at Mohit and thanked him for the wonderful idea of moving here for a few days.


We ordered in for lunch and dinner, while eating our breakfast in the dinning hall. The food was very well prepared. The vegetables were delicious and the chapatis were extremely soft.


The second morning when I stepped out to go for my morning walk, I noticed a few bicycles outside the property. They had kept them there for rent which was a very good idea. I took one of them and that ride was one of the best rides of my life. The fresh morning breeze felt so good when it hit my face and for a moment I completely forgot about all the things that were troubling me. For a moment I forgot about the messy home or the new life waiting for me in the Bangalore. This was such a relaxing 1 hour.


When it was time for us to check out, the staff was so polite, attention and receptive to all our suggestions and complaints. I thanked them for the wonderful, comfortable, clean and happy stay. I promised them this is going to be my choice of stay when I visit Gurgaon.

The best part about OYO rooms is that they are very affordable, the properties are carefully chosen to suit everyone’s need, the staff is extremely attentive and polite, it’s perfect for a chilled out weekend and a lot of attention is paid to the basic things like cleanliness and food.

If you have ever stayed in an OYO room don’t forget to share your experiences in the comments below. Stay connected with me on social media.

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Signing off!!!

Love- Barkha

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