• barkhavyas

My delicious tomato, cucumber and cheese sandwiches


My cucumber, tomato and cheese sandwich recipie is super simple and the sandwiches are to die for. Here is the recipie for my cool and amazing sandwiches.

Ingredients:- -1 cucumber -1 large tomato -3 cubes of processed cheese – salt -black pepper -chilli flakes(optional) -mixed Italian herbs(optional)

Method:- – Remove the seeds of the cucumber and grate it. – Remove the seeds of the tomato and finely chop it. – Grate the cheese – Mix the cucumber, tomato and cheese in a bowl and mix them all up. – Mix some salt and pepper with the vegetables and cheese. – If you wish for extra flavour add some chilli flakes and Italian herbs as well. The sandwich filling is ready!!!


-Take two slices of bread, remove their sides and butter the slices well. – Apply the sandwich filling generously in between the slices. – Cut and decorate the sandwiches as per your wish and creativity. – Enjoy your sandwiches. They are perfect tea snack and healthy for kids.



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