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My favourites from SHEIN


First of all a very happy new year to you guys. Hope this decade turns out to be full of fun, love and laughter. Now let’s talk about what I did.

I did it again.. I shopped my heart out from https://m.shein.in/

It’s hard to control yourself when the discounts are amazing. Also the collection at SHEIN never fails to amaze me. It’s so trendy and hip. Here is a look at my haul for this season.

1. Solid Ribbed Knit Bishop Sleeve Sweater:-

The love the colour of this sweater. I also like the fact that it is oversized and can be styled in so many different ways.

Here are the details of the sweater-

Product link- http://bit.ly/2LLI230

Product code- 874857

2. Faux Leather Ankle Leggings:-

I have always lovedddd leather. It looks so edgy and totally suits my personality. These are my second pair of leather pants from shein. They are very comfortable. Just wish they fitted me better but can’t blame that on the pants as I am the one who has lost quite a lot of weight lately.

Here are the details of the pants:-

Product link- http://bit.ly/36sLZ4I

Product code- 319900

3. Color Block Panel Bomber Jacket:-

Winters are here😊😊. It doesn’t get very cold in Bangalore but I am a sucker for winter wear. Jackets, sweatshirts, pullovers, gloves.. I want it all. So, this time I picked up this panel bomber jacket from SHEIN. I love the colour and the style. Also it’s very comfortable.

Product link- http://bit.ly/2E602B0

Product code- 301625

4. Solid Tank Top and Side Flap Pocket Cargo Pants:-

The first thing that I look for in clothes is comfort and nothing gets more comfortable than Cargo Pants. I found this set so cute that I had to get it. SHEIN has more such similar sets and I have already added 1 more to my cart.

Product link- http://bit.ly/2Pcyz6O

Product code- 785645

5. Stripped Tie Front Shirred Cami Top with Skirt:-

Keeping in mind the amount of beaches I visit, I bought this skirt and top. The top is love and I have this special thing for skater skirts. They are flowy and I love twirling around in them. This set is super cute and totally instagramable.

Product link- http://bit.ly/38t56xb

Product code- 736040

Hope you liked my haul. Do let me know in the comments if you love my haul blog posts and would like to see more of these.

You can also buy all these and a lot more from https://m.shein.in/

Use my code 1500Barkha(valid till 31 March, 2020) for extra 10% discount on orders above ₹1500

Happy Shopping!!

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