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Skin Yoga Oats And Rose Face Wash – Review!!

Hey Everyone, So I just tried a new face wash/scrub and wanted to talk to all of you about it. Skin Yoga Oats and rose face wash is a product curated by the brand Skin Yoga. A 100% natural skin care brand, Skin Yoga has been loved by Indians since its launch. Today I’m going to review their Oats And Rose Face Wash.

Product Description (From their website) For Toning and cleansing:- Rose petals are considered to be a natural toner and an excellent sunblock. Oats contains natural cleansers that remove dirt and oil from the pores without causing irritation. This Vitamin C enriched combination with real rose petals will leave your skin feeling protected, clean and toned.

Ingredients Oats powder, Rose powder, Rose petals, Vitamin C extracts

Packaging The packaging is extremely cute. The Skin Yoga Oats and Rose Face Wash comes in a cute tiny glass bottle which is sealed by a cork. The glass bottle makes it easy to keep track of the quantity of the product. The glass bottle comes is placed in an absolutely adorable wooden box.

Cost Its priced at 1,450.00 INR for 50g product.

Color,Texture, Smell and Shelf Life Color– Pale pink with hints of brown Texture– mildly granular Smell– It smells of roses Shelf Life– 6 months

Skin Type Synopsis All skin types

Directions of use For Daily Face Wash:- Take approximately 1 tsp of the powder in cupped hand. Add few drops of water to make a paste. Apply to face and massage gently into the skin.Rinse thoroughly.

Pros -Excellent packaging -Pleasant Fragrance of roses -Vitamin C enriched -Suitable for all skin types -Gentle exfoliators therefore great for daily usage

Cons -Packaging is not travel friendly as the glass bottle can break or spill -Extremly costly -Mild explanation is not helpful for coarse skin types.

My Experience with Skin Yoga Oats and Rose Face Wash The product is a 100% natural product. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous. It’s very easy to use and just a small quantity of product does the job. The face wash is enriched with vitamin C which is great for your skin. Vitamin C provides glow to your skin. The scrub is very gentle on the skin and has mild exfoliators. Therefore it’s great of sensitive skin and daily usage. I have a lot of black and white eads on my nose and chin therefore mild exfoliation doesn’t work that well for me.

Will I buy this product again? Although the product is nice I would probably not buy it again because this extremely expensive product does nothing for my skin. I’d give the product 3/5 stars

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