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Social media and the anxiety it brings in our lives.

I often get messages saying that a life of a social media influencer is just perfect.. we get gifts and people love us so much… But no one ever talks about the toll that it takes on our mental and physical health.. infact SOCIAL MEDIA ANXIETY DISORDER is a very real disorder that is the third largest psychological disorder after alcoholism and depression.

There is a constant struggle to look perfect, to create and upload perfect content, to dress perfectly, to be creative and keep looking for new inspiration and ideas. It’s a job that goes on for 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and then we have to worry about the money we make as being a freelancer is never easy. Also how can I forget the pressure of keeping up your engagement.

Looking at all the beautiful and perfect girls also gives us anxiety as we and our work is constantly compared with others.

All the love and support we get is the thing that keeps us going and keeps us motivated but we get one negative comment and our mental peace goes down the drain. We are told to ignore the haters and focus on the postive stuff but it’s basic human nature to gravitate and get fixated on the negetive comments. And it’s so easy for people to be hateful on social media coz they hide behind so many screens and fake accounts and don’t have to build up the courage to say anything to your face.

I know people are dying all around us and this might not be a good time to talk about this but I can’t ignore the way I feel and I think some one has to speak up for all my fellow influencers.

So, I just want to take this moment to applaud each and every one of you beautiful and talented people.. for the great work you do.



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