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Spinach and corn cheese sandwiches


There can be nothing better than this recipie as its the best way to feed the iron rich spinach and the vitamin B complex rich corn to all those people who squint at the mention of vegetables. It is a very healthy recipe and extremely beneficial for all age groups. This recipie is made in 2 simple steps 1) making the corn and spinach filling 2) preparing the white sause. So get ready to cook and enjoy these healthy and yummy sandwiches.

Ingredients:- – corn kernels 1/2 cup – spinach 1 cup – oil 1 tsp – sesame seeds 2 teaspoons – salt to taste – red chilli powder 1/2 teaspoon – nutmeg 1 teaspoon – all purpose flour 2 teaspoons – milk 1 cup – black pepper 1 teaspoon – butter 1 tsp – bread slices( tastes better with wheat bread) – Grated cheese ( any cheese of your choice will work well)

Method:- – heat the oil in a pan and and boiled corn to it. Saute for 2 minutes. – Add in the finally chopped spinach. Let it cook for 5 minutes. – After the spinach gets cooked add little bit of salt and nutmeg powder. Don’t be very heavy handed with the salt as the spinach leaves are naturally salty. – mix in the chili powder and the sesame seeds. Let it all cook for 2 minutes on low flame. – remove the prepared filling from the pan and place it in a mixing bowl. – To make the white sauce, to the same pan add the butter and the all purpose flour. – after mixing it for 2 minutes on low flame stir in cold milk making sure that no lumps are formed. – Once the sause starts thickening mix salt and pepper to it and remove from flame. – mix the sause with the corn and spinach filling. Add in the shredded cheese as well. – your filling is ready to be placed on the bread. – Apply a good layer of the filling on a bread slice and cover it up with another bread slice.


– Apply butter on the bread slices and grill the sandwiches on a pan or you can also toast them in a sandwich maker. – cut the sandwich in desired shapes and sizes and serve hot with ketchup.


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