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The secret to get stunning pictures from home

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

As a blogger and influencer, the pandemic has been very tough on me. Creating content became difficult as I couldn’t go to cafes or professional studios for shoots. I am often asked how we are able to create bright, beautiful and attractive content from our home?

So, today I thought I will talk about all the important things you need to get beautiful pictures from the comfort of our home.

1. A sparkling space for a priceless image :-

When it comes to pictures, lighting is a crucial part of it. A brightly coloured room will bring liveliness to a picture. Also, good lighting helps the camera pick up the colours better. You need light to enter every room of your house so that you can utilise every corner of your house and the pictures won’t look repetitive.

I was looking for residential projects that provided spacious and well-ventilated apartments, and after all my research I kept coming back to the projects developed by the House of Hiranandani . I was thrilled to see and read about House of Hiranandani projects in Bengaluru as that would be the perfect place for me to live in and explore creativity through my lens.

The design of the apartment is such that the entire apartment is well ventilated with full height tall windows that fills the house with natural light and is a perfect for my indoor self portraits.

2. Spacious rooms that add light to your life:-

Open space in a location is important as it brings the luxury and comfort quotient in images. Inside a home it allows for the light to flow beautifully hence providing warmth to your pictures. I noticed that all the apartments in the House Of Hiranandani, Hebbal project are spacious with wide decks. The apartments have been designed with a zero space wastage norm. Even after adding the necessary furniture, each room continues to look spacious and wide.

The deck of 50.81 sq.ft, in living and bedroom can be artistically decorated with plantations and outdoor furniture to create a perfect place for me to click my morning rituals and yoga pictures. The deck has a great amount of light and space and would be an awesome place to click my creative self portraits and shoot my dance reel videos. The open space also helps with the acoustics of a place. The audio in your videos will always be better with an open floor space. For safety, the decks have railings that are placed thoughtfully to add to the look of the deck and the apartment. The marble top on the railings makes it convenient for me to enjoy the views and pose for stylish images in the backdrop of these railings.

The House of Hiranandani, Hebbal project also contains landscape greens and open areas where you can click beautiful pictures.

3. The mesmerising views from your home:-

I like my pictures to have a beautiful view in the background, irrespective of the location where it is shot. I was thrilled to see that every home in the Hebbal project had a beautiful view either of the lake, or the garden or the club house. After watching the tall existing towers and experiencing the serene environment around the project, I am all set to own a home in House of Hiranandani,Hebbal’s Codename Milestone. The best part of the project are the 3 BHK apartments that have 2 balconies and each balcony opens up to a spectacular view.

4. Architecture, the soul of the property and your pictures:-

I love taking wide angle shots of myself with tall buildings in the backdrop. The beauty of these shots is incredible and I always end up getting maximum likes on such pictures, and trust me when I say no one wants to see average looking buildings in these pictures.

In House of Hiranandani projects, building designs are inspired from classical architecture which includes domes, lofted arches and arched windows that reflect elegance and heritage with a dash of modernity. The signature architectural touches also set the buildings apart from the rest in the city. Hence, these projects have a distinct look that never goes unnoticed. The House of Hiranandani, Hebbal project in Bengaluru is a perfect blend of classic architecture with the most modern amenities. This will surely be a perfect home for me and my family.

5. The other beauty spots of your township:-

As a lifestyle influencer I get all sorts of collaborations, be it fitness, food or fashion. In order to get a relevant location for a shoot, I need all the necessary amenities in my townships. I need a gym or a pool for my fitness content, a restaurant or café for my food content, beautiful patios or gardens for my fashion content. It's not possible or safe to travel to studios or shoot locations during the pandemic, therefore I was looking for a township that would contain everything.

The House of Hiranandani Hebbal project contains every lifestyle amenity that enhances the quality of my work and life. Swimming pool, badminton courts, squash courts, basketball courts, tennis courts, gym, clubhouse, playgrounds for kids, huge lush green gardens, jogging tracks, a Deli and whatever you need.

The other spots in a House of Hiranandani project such as the hallways and the lobbies are equally beautiful and decorated which makes them an excellent place for clicking pictures.

I hope these points will help you find a beautiful home for yourself and your family and trust me after keeping all this in mind, you have the most gorgeous Instagram feed ever!!! So, its time to get your home #InstaReady!!

For more Information on House Of Hiranandani, Hebbal project in Bengaluru head over to http://bit.ly/HOHCodenameMilestone

You can also get a better view of the project by taking a look at this video:-


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I'll see you soon with another blog post. Until then have a fabulous festive season.



Disclaimer : Shot at House of Hiranandani property


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