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Yogurt sandwiches


These are the most tempting and delicious delights. They are the best teatime snacks and have an extremely high nutritious value. Yogurt is an amazing source of calcium and phosphorus. These sandwiches make up a very low calorific meal. Making them is as mush fun as eating them.

Ingredients needed:- – yogurt one and half cup – 1 small finely chopped onion -1 small finely chopped tomato – paprika powder 1 tsp – salt 1 tsp – 4 bread slices – butter 1 tsp – mustard seeds 1 tsp

Method:- – Put the yogurt in a muslin cloth and let it hang overnight. This will drain out all the water from the Curd. – In the morning remove the hung Curd from the muslin cloth and place it in a mixing bowl. – Mix the chopped onion and tomato in the Curd. – Add the paprika powder and the salt into the Curd mixture. – Apply an even layer of the Curd spread in between 2 bread slices.


– Heat some butter in a pan. When the pan gets hot scatter in a pinch of mustard seeds. – Once the seeds start spluttering ,place in the sandwich and let it cook for a minute. – After a minute flip the sandwich and let it toast from the other sides. – once both the sides of the sandwich are toasted enough, take them out of the pan and enjoy with ketchup or pesto sauce.


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